Lindsay Reimers

Top Price, Top Agent

18 April 2019
Lindsay Reimers

Spring is off to a good start! Read this week's blog entry to find out why!

March 2019 Market Snapshot

08 April 2019
Lindsay Reimers

What do these changes mean to you?

11th Annual National Garage Sale for Shelter

13 March 2019
Lindsay Reimers


February Market Snapshot

07 March 2019
Lindsay Reimers

Take A Look At The Market Conditions for February 2019

Market snapshot for January 2019

07 February 2019
Lindsay Reimers

Here's a look into the Toronto Real Estate Market for the first month of the year

President's Gold Award

10 January 2019
Lindsay Reimers

So it's official, last year was a great year for my business!

Where are you focusing?

08 January 2019
Lindsay Reimers

Have you stopped to ask yourself what you want to accomplish this year?

December Market Snapshot & Year Review

07 January 2019
Lindsay Reimers

A "must read" if you've seen the December 2018 market snapshot.

2018 Year in Review

02 January 2019
Lindsay Reimers

Wow, 2018 was a busy one!

Final Snapshot of 2018!

10 December 2018
Lindsay Reimers

Find out how the market is looking as we approach the end of 2019 . Click here for the last Market Snapshot of the year!